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13 Jan

Fahad Hussayn releases fashion film ‘Mera Jora’ ft. Zeb Bangash & Grehan Band

Fahad Hussayn

Ace Designer Fahad Hussayn is not only back in the fashion business but also is here to leave an unprecedented mark. Continuing his legacy of making grand fashion films to launch his bridal campaigns, Fahad has recently released a conceptualized and choreographed song, titled Mera Jora, to introduce his bejewelled couture Signature Wedding collection.

The video, like his bridal collection, is an imaginative mix of old-fashioned grandeur and colourful themes. It features some of the best names from the fraternity including Iqra Aziz as the bride ‘Shahzadi Baraunaq’ and Hasnain Lehri as the groom ‘Shehzada Nazardeep’. Zeb Bangash’s melodious vocals back up the opulent frames with Grehan Band, Adnan Afzal and Imran Saeed.



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The video is produced and directed by Fahad Hussayn, in association with Wahab Shah and Wahab Shah Dance company. Fahad is also the director of music here. The video is an homage to the wedding traditions where the mother of the bride longs for the day to get her daughter’s wedding jora tailored with love and sentiments. This bejewelled creation takes years’ worth of efforts and labour. Fahad has shown the same emotions where Shahzadi Baraunaq awaits her grand outfit in the landscape of Nasarpur.

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Upon arrival of the bridal outfit, the festive spirit takes over the dim face of the Shahzadi who then dances and decks up for her groom. She celebrates love which is the inauguration of everything.

“Zeb Bangash’s soulful voice animates this beautiful story where Iqra Aziz plays Shahzadi Baraunaq and Hasnain Lehri plays Shehzada Nazardeep; a musical performance puts forward the art of storytelling to present SAO BANJARA – Bazaar of the Curiosity,” states an official description on Fahad Hussayn’s Instagram.

You can watch the fashion film here:




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