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29 Jul

Fahad Hussayn removes Mohsin Abbas Haider from his fashion film

Following the huge backlash that Mohsin Abbas Haider has received after being exposed as a wife beater, designer Fahad Hussayn is the latest to join in on the boycott.

Making a strong statement against domestic violence, Fahad Hussayn has removed Mohsin Abbas Haider from his latest bridal campaign Guddi Wang. The video had originally featured Mohsin Abbas Haider, as well as Sadaf Kanwal, with Zeb Bangash crooning Guddi Wang.


Mohsin Abbas Haider and Sadaf Kanwal in the original video


The ace designer re-released the video, with all the scenes that featured Mohsin being notably cut out. Sadaf Kanwal is also absent from the new video, to maintain continuity. The new video now only features Zeb Bangash in a bus full of merry makers. Watch the re-released video here:



The actor, who played a child molester in drama serial Meri Guriya, faced widespread condemnation when his wife came forward with claims that he had abused and cheated on her. He waded further into turmoil after his press conference where he made some questionable statements. Finally, after an FIR was lodged against him, the industry decided to completely distance itself from him, with Dunya TV firing him from their show Mazaaq Raat.

Mohsin is booked under Section 406 (criminal breach of trust) and Section 506 (criminal intimidation) of the Pakistan Penal Code; he is currently out on anticipatory bail and the next court hearing is scheduled for 5th August.


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