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20 Jun

Fahad Mustafa justifies rude behaviour with fan

We are all aware of Jeeto Pakistan – one of the most popular and highest rated shows on ARY Digital featuring Fahad Mustafa and the inane frolics that come with him – and we’re equally aware of the latest controversy that erupted on his show.

Just recently, an episode occurred in which Fahad openly ridiculed a girl for drawing a sketch of him. As expected, all hell broke loose on social media, where people rightly called him out for his abrasive behaviour, which in no way was justifiable. Let it be noted that this isn’t the first time the host took this tone with his audience; Fahad Mustafa is infamous for being arrogant, abrasive and at times all out rude on the show.

People took to Facebook and slammed Fahad for his reaction to the girl’s drawing. Some institutions also extended her scholarships to study with them, as encouragement to counter Fahad’s public shaming.



The situation went viral on Facebook and just when you expected Fahad to apologise for his behaviour – which would have been the decent thing to do – he slammed in with the unlikeliest of responses, casually brushing off his rudeness and telling everyone to stop getting offended.



On a recent episode of Jeeto Pakistan (June 14), Fahad said, “I’m not on Facebook because I don’t like Facebook. But I’ve come to know that when yesterday when I asked the girl to improve her drawing, a baji on Facebook got offended. I want to say that people in Pakistan should stop being offended and start being happy. That’s how we talk to children, that’s how I talk to my children. Har baat mein tapney ki zaroorat nahin hai. The girl made a drawing, she made a good drawing but she can make a better drawing. You have to do a lot more in life, beta. Don’t waste your time with this stuff.”

Could Fahad Mustafa have a point?

We feel people of that stature should behave responsibly and not be given the liberty of behaving in a demeaning manner with anyone, especially with those that look up to him. Fans are usually revered, because they are who make stars; to bring them down is neither prudent nor desirable. Fahad Mustafa is in the unique position to encourage people and boost their morale. He may speak to his children in this manner but that doesn’t make it okay for him to talk to others in the same abrasive manner.

A little effort goes a long way, we just need to realise where we are wrong and when needed, apologise graciously.

Mariam Hameedi

Sarcasm and witty puns are my best friends (also my worst enemies). I love turning my world around on its axis and soon the most ordinary events turn into the craziest stories.

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