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10 Jan

Fahad Sheikh’s upcoming digital film is a cute & honest love story

Fahad Sheikh seems to be on a roll following the success of his first breakthrough performance in the blockbuster and much controversial drama, Jalan. His recent short film, Naam Kya Rakha became an absolute treat for the fans and his character in currently airing drama Dunk continues to intrigue the viewers. The actor will also be seen in Pakistan’s first digital feature film U… Me …Us opposite Mahenur Haider Khan.

“It’s a cute and honest love story which is also intense in places,” said Fahad in an exclusive chat with Something Haute. “Young viewers will enjoy as it’s written with a lot of heart.”

“I’m the lead, playing a boy named Ali who falls hopelessly in love with a girl named Ayra and cannot handle what comes next,” he revealed about the character he plays in the upcoming project that has been directed by Sohail Javed and produced by co-star Mahenur Haider Khan.



This is not the first time Fahad is working with Sohail Javed, he has already delivered a heartfelt performance in his short film Naam Kya Rakha

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“Signing was easy as we get along well,” Fahad shared adding that he feels that he shares great work chemistry with the director. “I guess he likes working with me and the chemistry we have is rare.”

“This project is not what I’ve done before. I believe this is going to be an experience to remember,” he further stated.

Fahad also praised Mahenur; the executive producer and female lead. “She’s a sweet soul, committed, honest and a lot of fun to work with,” he said adding that she’s a genuine person.  “No hangups at all!”



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Addressing the recent trend in digital content being produced, the actor acknowledged that it is the future. “We as an industry need to gear up for it.”

“Someone had to step up and plant the first seed, so here we are!” he said sharing his excitement for the upcoming film that will be released digitally.

It is decided that the film will release digitally, however, the portal is yet to be finalised. U… Me …Us also stars Bushra Ansari and Hira Tareen in key roles.



Muna Moini

The author is a Karachi based writer at Something Haute.