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31 May

Faiza Saleem all set to make big screen debut in Parchi

Faiza Saleem

News of the Day: Faiza Saleem has been on our radar for quite some time but this piece of news really puts her on the map. Faiza is doing a film!

How many funny women do you see in film or on television nowadays? Very few. Faiza is making comedy cool for women, thanks to her various initiatives such as Auratnaak and Khawatoons. Now we’ll be seeing the hilarious star taking her funny to the big screen with a very promising, upcoming cinematic venture being put together by the Janaan team: Azfar Jafri, Imran Kazi and Hareem Farooq. Parchi is the gang’s next film and we don’t know much about the film other than the following things: Jafri and Kazmi will be donning the director and producer cap, respectively; Hareem Farooq, Ali Rehman Khan and Usman Mukhtar will be playing lead roles, and Faiza has a cameo.

While Faiza appeared tight-lipped regarding the film and her role in it, she did speak about her experience of working with the Parchi team. “It was a great experience which was so different from digital content. With digital, I get to choose what I do and how I do it. With film and TV, you have to trust a whole team of people to do what’s best. It’s scary but exciting. The team that I worked with is probably one of the best in the business. Not only did they convince me to do my debut but were very respectful and appreciative of my work all along,” she shared.

We wondered if there are any other projects in the pipeline as yet, to which Faiza responded, “I’m hopeful that this is just the beginning and I’ll keep learning and improving my acting as well as comedic skills too.” We already had faith in Parchi but now we’re sure that the film is going to be hilarious!

Faiza Saleem

Faiza Saleem spotted with the cast and crew of Parchi.

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