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30 Dec

Faiza Saleem urges clothing brands to think beyond S M and L sizes

Lawyer turned comedian, Faiza Saleem is a social media star worth attention. She often uses her platform to promote a message of body positivity and overthrow stereotypical depictions of women which makes her a true influencer. While she’s often raised her voice against the issue, this time she requests brands to think beyond the basic sizes that they offer.

It is a ridiculous thing to think that women can only be categorized into three basic sizes; small, medium, and large! Women like all humans come in different shapes and sizes. Everyone feels cold and it is unfair that they have no fashionable options available in the country at least.

Reaching out to brands (big and small), designers, and basically anyone and everyone who can understand the gravity of this dire situation, Faiza shared the shopping frustration of many plus size (if that is even an ethical term to use) women.



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“I get many messages from innocent people asking me where I got my sweatshirt from or where I got my tracksuit from…where is this sweater from and every time I have to tell them that I did not get it from Pakistan. Unfortunately, I had to order from abroad,” said the social media influencer who feels it’s very unfortunate and frustrating since many cannot afford that option.

Faiza used her platform to request local brands to be more inclusive. “Everyone feels cold,” she exclaimed adding that it is a very annoying situation. “Introduce sweaters, hoodies, sweatshirts for every size since everyone has the right to wear stylish winter apparel and stay warm.”

This is a genuine concern and we do hope brands take notice!


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