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3 Jul

Fans put a creative spin on Kpop band BTS dance videos


BTS is a Kpop band loved and revered worldwide even if their songs are hard to comprehend by most of their fans but what always strikes a chord is their impeccable dancing skill. Their sync and prowess can give Bollywood a run for their money and perhaps, this inspired the BTS fandom in South Asia to show their love by mashing hit songs of Indo-Pak region to BTS dance videos. The result is a hilariously on-point mashup that we never knew we needed.

Here’s how one fan made BTS dance on a classic Hindi song like Chunari Chunari:



Someone thought Pakistan People’s Party song, Dilan Teer Bija, would also make a good video!



We still can’t get over the fact that these mashups are perfectly in sync. Check Akshay-Aishwarya’s Dil Dooba performed by BTS. It’s actually quite addictive, seeing how immaculately their moves match to all songs.



We’re actually amazed by talented individuals who select these tunes. Apparently, anything is possible if you have the motivation for it. Some also matched more recent Bollywood songs like Coca Cola Tu, Morni Banke, Dil Chori and others. Perhaps, an actual dance on a Bollywood song is something the world-famous boy band needs to consider as a gift to their South Asian fans. For now, these videos will do:



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