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27 Apr

Farah Essa recites soulful hamd ‘Aey Rabb-ul-Alameen’

Farah Essa

Amidst the global pandemic and the beginning of the holy month of Ramazan, vocalist Farah Essa presents a special hamd to praise the Almighty and make a prayer for His mercy and blessings.

In her beautiful voice, Farah recites how we mere mortals depend on God Almighty’s blessings to survive. She makes a special plea that may Allah give us the strength to emerge victorious from this ordeal. Portraying the life of a doctor, Farah showcases how many amongst us are vulnerable to the virus due to financial instability.

She also pays tribute to Pakistan’s armed forces for their dedication and service to the nation as well as the frontline doctors who are standing strong in the face of the pandemic.

Composed by Waqar Ali, the lyrics are penned by renowned lyricist Sabir Zafar. The hamd sends out a message of peace, unity and the power of faith, three things the world need the most to fight the pandemic.

For for updates, follow her @farahessamusic or you can find her videos at her official YouTube channel. Here is the full video:



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