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24 Aug

Faraz Manan takes a bow from Crescent

faraz manan

Faraz Manan, creative director at Crescent for almost a decade, has exited the retail giant making it the second big departure we’ve seen this month.

The designer, who’s applauded for his couture and his immensely popular lawn, has always managed to push the right buttons by delivering beautiful and well-crafted ensembles, not to mention he’s one of the few designers that has successfully ventured into the international markets of the Middle East and India.

The Press Correspondent for Faraz Manan spoke to us and said that,” Mr. Manan has been in talks with the mill and his departure has been on the table for a while. The announcement has just been made now to ensure that things between both of our entities is kept professional and amicable. Faraz Manan will be finishing off his contract once he delivers their Winter Collection and that would be the last collection he’ll be designing for their brand. However his departure has been long time coming and both the parties are going to handle it with utmost respect for one another”

A replacement for Faraz Manan is yet to be disclosed by Crescent and we’re on the edge of our seats to see who it would be. While  Faraz Manan has been an integral part of Crescent and we’re yet to have an official statement from him, we can safely say that the couturier is spending more and more time in the UAE, where his business has attracted the eye of Arab buyers, and that’s where he will be spending most of energy too.

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Haider Maqsood

The author is our Haute Lahore Correspondent, who's a part time writer with a full time passion to stay candid and loud!