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24 Jul

Farhan Saeed calls out fellow celebs for not voting in Elections 2018

While most celebrities choose to stay apolitical – avoiding the risk of alienating fans who may not agree with their political views – others embrace politics if and when need be. That need would be most critical around election time and though one too many stars have chosen to stay mum (and away, therefore not even voting) one has to appreciate the efforts of those who are campaigning for the democratic process.

Case in point: Farhan Saeed.

Farhan Saeed is the latest celebrity to air his views in a tweet yesterday, when he addressed his fellow artistes who have chosen to fly abroad for work or vacations during election time.

This is what Farhan tweeted:


While Farhan did not directly mention anyone, his tweet was immediately linked to the upcoming Hum Awards taking place in Toronto, for which many artistes have already flown out for. The Hum Awards take place in Toronto on July 27 and all those who have left obviously will not be around to vote.



Some people went a bit further in naming and shaming stars.



Some bloggers even called for a ban on the Hum Awards.



It needs to be said that while things are usually planned well in advance, the Hum Awards were not scheduled before the date for National Elections was announced. It would have been ideal had the date for the show been rescheduled accordingly.

Meanwhile, Farhan has been actively campaigning for the PTI and has even sung an anthem for the party, which appears to be leading the run,


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