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15 Oct

Farhan Saeed invites Muaaz Zahid, the guitarist with a bionic arm, to perform at his next gig

Muaaz Zahid

The video of a 26-year-old Pakistani guitarist, Muaaz Zahid, went viral a few days ago who was playing an instrument with his bionic arm. An engineer from Lahore, Muaaz met with a life-altering accident when he accidentally touched a high-tension wire, sending 11,000 watts of electricity through his arm. Doctors had to amputate his arm but the handicap didn’t stop him from pursuing his passion of becoming a musician.

After the accident, very few believed that Zahid would ever play the guitar again. However, three months after the unfortunate event, Muaaz played his first chord last week, after a start up called BIONIKS fitted him with a bionic arm and a customized stroker for guitar strings.

Talking to Arab News, Muaaz said:

“Immediately after the incident, I was hopeful. I just thought… I’m alive. I’m healthy. My legs are moving, my brain is working, my eyes are okay, everything is fine. People wondered ‘Is he going to be able to play guitar again?’ This was a question mark for others, but it was clear to me that I would play again one day,” he said in interview.



Muaaz also expressed that he is just waiting for a gig where he could play. “But even if there is no gig or concert, I will play… and I will play,” he said and now his wish has been fulfilled.

Farhan Saeed took to Twitter to praise his resilience and wished him all the best.

“All the very best, brother – can’t wait to watch you strumming away at your next gig!” he wrote.



When Muaaz replied with gratitude, Farhan invited him to perform in his next gig in Lahore.



We wish the passionate musician all the best for his future endeavours!


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