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11 Jul

Farhan Saeed treats Karachi fans with a night to remember

Awami concerts are a lost tradition these days and we have to make do with corporate affairs. But that doesn’t take away from the appeal of watching someone as high octane as Farhan Saeed, live in concert. Rock star par excellence Farhan Saeed took the stage in Karachi last night (Monday) and the audience went berserk. There was lots of singing (obviously) and dancing (unsurprisingly) but what was particularly heartening to see was how a large crowd of young boys and girls shed their inhibitions, making it a night to be remembered for a long time.



Farhan is a gifted singer, there is no doubt about that but he is also a fantastic live performer. There was a cute moment when he pulled up a young girl on stage and danced with her followed by a rather funny yet endearing stunt where he went down the stage and made a Chinese person present in the crowd sing along. All in all, a fun, happy evening.



Farhan is on quite a roll, by the way. He has made a mark as an actor through his power-packed performance in Udaari, which was followed by a well-received act in a telefilm that came out on Eid. He also had a concert in Mauritius last week and is gearing up for a tour of the US next month. It appears the only territory left for him to conquer is cinema!



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