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4 May

Fashion goes digital: Pakistani designers join forces for a virtual fashion show

virtual fashion show

During the usual onset of May, the world would be preparing for grand events such as the Met Gala (which was scheduled to happen on May 4), Cannes in mid-May, fashion shows and theatrical releases marking the summer time. In Pakistan, summer would have started with fashion weeks and the festive month of Ramazan, followed by Eid and Eid releases. Cut to May 2020, every avenue of entertainment is on hold. With the COVID-19 crisis and on-going global lockdown, entertainment and fashion has taken a backseat as people are struggling for basic amenities. While the business of entertainment has gone digital to thrive even during a pandemic (Netflix is a prime example), fashion needs to set new precedents as well.

To save the Pakistan’s fashion industry from an ascertained doom, Frieha Altaf, CEO Catwalk Event Management, has come up with a clever solution: the first virtual fashion show in Pakistan. The show will represent a united fashion front, which is being organised with the aim to pay tribute to the frontline doctors and volunteers who are working day and night to fight this pandemic. The digital show will not only promote online sales of different designers but will also open new avenues of promotion for Pakistani designers.


Frieha Altaf

List of designers

According to the official press release, 16 to 20 fashion designers will be showcasing their collections in this virtual show. Each designer will also be donating an outfit and accessories to the frontline workers for Eid. So far Faraz Manan, Shehla Chatoor, Chapter 2 by Khaadi, Maheen Karim, Elan, Generation, Nomi Ansari, HSY, Republic by Omar Farooq, Ali Xeeshan, Ismail Farid, Shamaeel Ansari, Asim Jofa, Fnk Asia, Sonya Battla and Amir Adnan are on board  for the show.


Digital platform

The show will be live-streamed on all main digital dais. The main objective of the digital showcase is to encourage industries to invest and generate resources in E-commerce Businesses. Catwalk is partnering with Studio by TCS for deliveries and its official style partner is Nabila to make this initiative the best platform to keep the fashion industry adrift in times of crisis.

‘I am also hoping that sponsors come on board so that cash donations can be organized. It has been a time to slow down and reflect. Fashion/retail industry has suffered like many other businesses. It is time to be united, come back stronger and more creative; I see that the future is digital. Virtual fashion weeks will be the new norm,’’ said Frieha Altaf in a press statement.

Concept & Execution

This isn’t the first time something similar is happening in the fashion world. Editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar, Carine Roitfelf, recently raised money for charity by organizing the first at-home fashion show in collaboration with YouTube. The runway extravaganza starred Kim Kardashian West, Karlie Kloss, Hailey Bieber and many more sashaying in their own outfits, only in this case, the runway was their hallways.

Frieha’s show is based on a somewhat similar framework including designer clothes; a top model will represent each designer and the outfits will be delivered to them. Models will create their looks with Nabila’s help at their homes and self-film their videos wearing the outfit. These videos will be edited by Catwalk for live streaming before Eid ul Fitr 2020. Catwalk is also urging celebrities to get involved in this process.

With a virtual fashion show, the supermodels are showing their support to the superheroes and bringing the charisma of fashion into your living rooms. After all, fashion is ever evolving so why not mature with times and set new precedents.



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