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9 Apr

FPW3 Day Two

It’s very flattering how my friends and followers have been asking why I’m not promptly uploading my thoughts on FPW3 but really, this back to back fashion marathon is exhausting and between this, a family wedding and filling forms for China and Hong Kong visas I’m going crazy. As for FW, I’m trying to reserve all thoughts for my official reviews. Anyhoo, a little must to be said.

Sana Hashwani, dressed in Cavalli, was Best Dressed on Day 2. Seen here with her gorgeous daughter Zuvair.

Hani Taha, dressed in a Shehla Chatoor jumpsuit, put up strong competition but it would have seemed rigged had I nominated her for Best Dressed!


The venue was certainly cooler on the second day but then, in true fashion form, tempers were running very high  and apparently several ‘tiffs’ erupted backstage and after the show. Delightful! Nothing better to spruce up the catwalk than a catfight 🙂 Especially if Mathira’s not around to drop her top!

Day 2 started off on a very strong note with an immaculate collection by Shehla Chatoor. Shehla’s signature has become stronger through fashion weeks and one can identify the delicate workmanship paired with leather and chain detailing as her trademark.

Shehla Chatoor’s delicately hand-embroidered pieces

Kuki Concepts

Zahid Khan of Kuki Concepts put out a collection that displayed interesting thoughts. It’s not easy to work with banarsi fabric and he showed creative talent. However, his collections are not very consistent and leave the viewer – in this case us – very confused as to what to make of them as a whole.

Umar Sayeed started off with flair but then went into trousseau-wear that seemed like flashbacks to his previous collections

That leaves me with the rest of the day, which was not very inspiring.

Design duo Ayesha and Somaya are smart, well traveled and savvy designers who put a lot of work into their collection. The shoes were customized and the collection came together as ‘Pink Camouflage’. The problem is that while their craft is good (and they are very popular commercially) their fashion week debut was not runway modified. It came across as too much pink without much that stood out as different. The council should have edited them and given them constructive critique before this show.

Ayesha Somaya’s Pink Camouflage

The same applied to Tayyab Bombal who just doesn’t have what it takes to create an impressive, memorable show.

Other than the Spring/Summer line from Next, that was Day 2 and it wasn’t much to write home about. Rizwanullah was scheduled to show but apparently he wasn’t prepared and asked for a slot the next day.

The Hair & Make-up by Sab’s, which was so impressive on Day One, plummeted on the second day, which confirms my belief that Saba is a very good technical hand. She’s good when  directed by good designers and so on.

Today (Day 3) sounds promising. Let’s see. Leaving you with a shot of some of my favourite people at fashion week…

The glamorous press-walas: Kiran Haroon, Hani Taha, Fathma Amir, Maliha Rehman.

And some more…

My fraternal kith and kin: Muniba, Fareshteh and fellow tweeter Tapu.


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