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16 Oct

Fatman: Is it time for Ahmed Ali Butt to break stereotypes and go super hero?


If all talks are to be taken seriously, then 2020 is looking good for Pakistani cinema. Over 20 new titles have been announced and while all of them will obviously not be great, there will be enough good films (hopefully) that draw people into cinemas. Fizza Ali Meerza and Nabeel Qureshi, with four successful films to their credit, are a veritable name in the business and have announced two films for 2020. Quaid e Azam Zindabad has been announced with Fahad Mustafa in the lead whereas Fatman, the second title, has everyone guessing its cast and content.

In an exclusive conversation with Fizza and Nabeel, one came to learn that Fatman will go on floors after Quaid e Azam Zindabad is shot and will be scheduled for release in the last quarter of 2020, possibly in December.

“The film will address the issue of body shaming that we all face today,” Fizza said, hinting on the storyline. “It is a story revolving around the relationship between a man and his son.”

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It is a superhero film with a difference, Nabeel added. We may think of superheroes as over macho men solving world problems with their brute force but Fatman will reveal how there’s a superhero in all of us. Appearances can be deceiving and men and women should not be judged, let alone bullied, because of their looks.

This is the second film filmmaker duo Fizza Ali Meerza and Nabeel Qureshi will work on and it is scheduled for release in the last quarter of 2020, most probably December.

The main cast has not been confirmed but we have a strong hunch that Ahmed Ali Butt is being roped in the titular role of Fatman. Fizza and Nabeel neither acknowledged or denied it but we have reason to believe that it may be true. If so then it’ll be great to see the versatile actor taking on lead role and breaking stereotypes.

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Aamna Haider Isani

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