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21 Mar

Fawad Khan would have been a “failed stand-up comedian” & 4 other explosive statements by Iman Ali

iman ali

Iman Ali is recognised as one of Pakistan’s top actresses but all this success did not come easy. Recently, she opened up about her life and her struggles on ‘Say It With Iffat Omer‘.

The 45-minute interview covered a range of interesting topics that kept us on the edge of our seat throughout. Here are some of the most exciting revelations that she made:


1. Iman was the first choice for Raees 


iman ali


Iman revealed that she had been offered the role in Raees alongside Bollywood superstar, Shahrukh Khan. When Iffat inquired about what went wrong, Iman disclosed that when she was offered the role, despite knowing it was opposite SRK, she asked to see the script before agreeing to the film. She said that after she made the request she never heard back. Assuming that the filmmakers took it as a bruise to their ego. “It even happens here in Pakistan that people get easily offended when I ask to see the script. That needs to change,” she added.


2. Models today lack basic general knowledge


On the topic about “intelligent models”, Iffat first asked whether there is anything in the modelling industry that requires intelligence? To this Iman replied, “I think the fashion industry got lucky earlier with us intelligent models. Whereas now, if you see, there isn’t anything like that. I’m not being an elitist but just the way they speak and their basic general knowledge is just not there.”


3. Sub-par scripts are one of the reasons why Iman doesn’t work a lot


Iman Ali


Iffat raised the question of why Iman doesn’t work a lot despite being offered so many films. She replied, “It depends on whether or not I’m in love with the project. With my health (she has been a Multiple Sclerosis patient since the last fifteen years), I have to be careful about what work I do otherwise I don’t think it’s worth jeopardizing my health over it.” When Iffat followed with a question about whether or not she dislikes the scripts, Iman replied, “I really don’t like the scripts that come my way.”


4. She’s sought after because she’s versatile


When Iffat mentioned the versatility she has shown in her three films, Iman answered that there is a reason she’s so sought after. She mentioned that her command over Urdu is rare in the industry and that’s why people consider her to be different from other actresses. Along with this, she expressed anger for people who consider her three appearances (Khuda Ke Liye, Bol and Mah e Mir) to be similar saying, “If you people are illiterate enough to think that then you shouldn’t watch the films at all or you probably haven’t watched them anyway.”


5. If Fawad wasn’t an actor he would have been….


iman ali


When Iffat asked Iman what she thinks Fawad Khan should have been if he wasn’t an actor/singer. She replied saying, “We were in the same boat where we made our debuts together. He was doing a play and he was a rockstar which he wasn’t very good at, so I don’t know, he used to crack really stupid jokes so maybe a failed stand-up comedian…”

There’s so much more going on in the interview, if you haven’t already, watch it here:




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