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21 Jul

Fawad Khan has been working those vocals for his comeback on Pepsi BOTB

battle of the bands

Pepsi’s Battle of the Bands, that originally launched in 2002, is making a high octane comeback this year; we’ll call it Battle of the ‘Brands’, as Coke Studio and Pepsi BOTB will be going head to head with their distinct music franchises. Many other corporate funded shows like Nescafe Basement and Cornetto Pop Rock have emerged in the past decade but like Coke, Pepsi also seems to have the right equation for a hit. They have mega star power and talent with Atif Aslam, Meesha Shafi and of course Fawad Khan on board.

battle of the bands


While Atif and Meesha have been regularly part of Coke Studio, Fawad appeared in one season and then moved away from music. We’ve been waiting for him to make a comeback of sorts and it is befitting that he chose to go with Pepsi. No doubt, his role in the show is highly anticipated and may just be the highlight of it all. Fawad’s time as the lead vocalist in Entity Paradigm gained popularity, and though he has resisted singing in public for several years and has been underground recently, we have full faith in him. Sources tell us that the star has been training extensively for about six months and is coming back with a bang!

“Fawad doesn’t just jump into things,” an insider told us. “He prepares extensively and there is around six months of hard work that has gone into this.”

A short teaser to BOTB was released last night, which gave us a glimpse of the three stars, who are also the judges for the upcoming show. The TVC (coming soon) will feature more of the three stars and they’ll be paying tribute to Vital Signs and Alamgir with a mashup of ‘Do Pal Ka Jeevan’ and ‘Dekha Na Tha’.

When Battle of the Bands first launched in 2002, it gave way to some brilliant bands such as EP, Aaroh and Meekaal Hasan Band and will once again be providing a platform for potential bands to battle it out. With the amount of talent we have in our country, such platforms are much needed to invest in it. We hear that out of 40 bands that auditioned, we will be seeing the 8 finalists in action on TV. Until the battle airs, watch the teaser…


Pepsi Battle of the Bands is all set to launch with a line-up of fresh new Pakistani bands, an exciting panel of judges and an exclusive song featuring Atif Aslam, Meesha Shafi and Fawad Afzal Khan! Stay tuned for the complete song! #PepsiBattleoftheBands #TheBandsAreBack

Posted by Pepsi Pakistan on Donnerstag, 20. Juli 2017


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