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16 Jun

Video: Faysal Quraishi answers questions about his character & responds to the criticism on ‘Fitoor’


Faysal Quraishi is one of the leading names in our industry who have provided the viewers with quality dramas one after the other. His last drama, Muqaddar, was a big hit and people loved Sardar Saif-ur-Rehman despite his flaws. Now, he is winning over hearts as Haider in Fitoor.

In a conversation with Hassan Choudary of Something Haute, Faysal revealed his secret behind big hits, some key details about Haider, what to expect from Fitoor and a lot more.



Faysal Quraishi with Hassan Choudary


What was your first impression of Haider when you read the script for the first time?

“Haider is confused and not confident. When a person is dumped like he was by Mehmal, that person’s confidence will shatter into pieces, especially his trust in relationships. He lived alone for a long time because of that and then it is quite difficult to get into a new relationship. You get to learn a lot in every new relation and it takes time to start sharing your life, your space, your feelings with someone. So, he is learning a lot from Dilnasheen,” he said.


How will Haider react, in your opinion, if Dilnasheen tells him the truth?

“He has his doubts, hence he is constantly telling her to tell him the truth. He has even gone on to say that ‘wo dafan kar degha us sachh ko’ to ensure her that he trusts her. However, like any normal human being, he will get upset. But I don’t think Haider is the kind of man who will make his wife leave his house for liking someone in the past. However, I am looking forward to the drama that is going to happen next. I think viewers will say then ‘what kind of a person he is!'” he laughingly shared.


What to expect next in Fitoor?

“The return of Hamza will be a big bang in this drama. And that doesn’t mean that he will become a villain from now on; it is just the situations that will be very interesting. There will be 60 to 70% more twists, turns and drama, but I want to say that people will love Haider more in the upcoming episodes of Fitoor,” he said.


Watch the full interview here:


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