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9 Jun

Faysal Quraishi brings Encounter Scents to Pakistan along with a surprise

Celebrity-led fragrance brands have become a huge trend globally. From actors to musicians and singer to sportspersons, there are several famous people who have a signature scent or perfume brand associated with their name. Faysal Quraishi is the latest local celebrity to launch a fragrance line in Pakistan.

The ace actor has partnered with Mahsam Raza, CEO of Dua Fragrances and Encounter Scents. The two have brought the US-based brand to Pakistan with an official virtual launch event on June 5, 2021.



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The event was attended by several celebrities including Shahzad Nawaz, Aijaz Aslam, Nabeel Zafar, Naveed Raza, Haroon Shahid, Zain Afzal, Faizan Shaikh, Aadi Adeal Amjad, Dur-e-Fishan Saleem and Asim Jofa, among others. Dino Ali served as the host for the evening.

Samples of the five existing Encounter Scents — For Him and For Her — include ‘Compliment’, ‘Confidence’, ‘Romantic’, ‘Seduction’ & ‘In The Club’. The fragrances were on display while more are expected to launch. Encounter Scents is currently developing another set of six additional fragrances to the line; three for men and three for women.



When asked if Faysal would lend his name on a signature scent, both partners smiled and said there is
an upcoming “surprise” that will be unveiled shortly.

Speaking of his interest in perfumes, Faysal reminisced about his struggling days and shared that he would always save up to invest in perfumes highlighting his lifelong passion for scents.

“When you meet someone something that is indelibly remembered and lingers on after the encounter is
the fragrance that the other person was wearing,” Faysal said.

Faysal Quraishi and Mahsam Raza had a similar passion for perfume and the two announced that there was a story behind each of the Encounter Scents fragrances.

“Each ingredient was cherry-picked according to all the fragrance notes my father liked,” explained Mahsam, adding that all the ingredients used in Encounter Scents are derived straight from the source without a middleman. “Encounter Scents is dedicated to providing its loyal customers with an assortment of high-quality fragrances for all of life’s special moments according to different preferences.”

The scents will be accessible through the company’s website



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