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6 Feb

Feroze Khan goes extreme as Mountain Dew’s first Pakistani brand ambassador

Pakistan’s entertainment industry is growing exponentially and getting recognition all over the world are the artistes who helm the popular films and television programs. TV actors especially, who have fanfare wherever the language is spoken, have massive following worldwide. This is reinforced by the fact that multi-national corporations are increasingly choosing our own artistes as brand ambassadors. Latest on this wave is Feroze Khan, who’s now visible on billboards as the face of Mountain Dew. Young and driven, Feroze makes a great champion for the brand which is associated with extreme action. It’s no secret that the actor – these days playing the soft tempered Armaan in Mehreen Jabbar’s Dil Kya Karey– is a fitness freak and quite a daredevil in real life. We’re seeing billboards all over town and hear that there will be a TVC, to be recorded and shot outside Pakistan, very soon.



This is very encouraging. We’re all for cross border activity and do not believe in boundaries or borders when it comes to art, but we also believe in promoting and boosting our own talent. At a time when India won’t allow our actors to work in their films, it’s a bit of an eyesore to see Irrfan Khan – for example – advising us to eat a certain brand of local biscuits. It’s great to see Mahira Khan in Veet campaigns and Mawra Hocane as the face of Chinese mobile brand Oppo. Deepika Padukone is the face of Oppo in India so it’s even more encouraging that the corporation decided to boost local talent instead of just using the Indian campaign here. The same feeling goes out to Mountain Dew, for taking Feroze Khan. He’s the brand’s first brand ambassador.



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