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4 Apr

SPOTTED: 5 Emraan Rajput trends AT BCW17

Emraan Rajput

Bridal Couture Week was the usual display of everything that gets every Pakistani excited: wedding wear and celebrities! However, amongst the flood of ensembles that stayed within safe, commercial outlines was Emraan Rajput’s collection that pushed the envelope a little; it is clear that the designer likes to think outside the box and come up with distinctive looks that are a little experimental. We know that men usually like to play it safe when it comes to their formal wardrobes but we spotted five trends during Rajput’s show that we hope will pick up in real life as well.

Colour Breakdown

Even though black and white are very traditional colours for menswear, monotone can sometimes look very boring and well, monotonous. Rajput’s show began with a promising take on colour; there were vibrant reds, blues and greens. It was a visual relief to not have to watch the same repetitive ensembles in the same tried and tested colours. The use of the deep blue shades was a very interesting and unconventional choice. In fact, the use of deep and royal blues and an interesting contrast of gold for embroidery made for some of our favourite outfits! The designer brought a little brightness into menswear for a wedding look while keeping the colour on the darker side so it wouldn’t look too flashy and flamboyant.

Traditional shalwars

Traditional shalwars are one of the finest trends ever to come out of men’s bridal wear. The cut of the shalwar just adds a different kind of detail to the whole outfit and changes the overall look. We love the way Rajput brought back the trend with a solid black coloured shalwar making the whole look traditional yet very classy.

Self Embroidery

One of the subtlest yet extremely interesting trend that we found at Emran Rajput’s catwalk collection was the self-embroidery on the sherwanis. Though sometimes a change of colour looks interesting but usually when the embroidery is a stark contrast than the base colour of the cloth, it can look a little over the top. The same colour but different tone embroidery is something we’d really like to see more of. The rather sensitive look of this trend was very fascinating and we hope it catches on.

Statement Buttons

Another exciting trend, which we’d like to see more of, caught on in the menswear world was the use of statement buttons, another interesting way to bring out a slight detail in a wedding look. Since there is not much that can be done with men’s designs, this is a new way to bring some attention to detail.

The Regal Look

The use of gold and silver was an absolutely stunning addition to his collection. The whole collection had tints of silver and gold used in some way or the other and it looked great! It just enhanced the overall look of each outfit bringing in a rather majestic appearance. And we’d love to see this happen more.


All in all, the collection was quite enjoyable. Rajput calls this collection “Chashme Shahi, the ultimate spring package for men who like to flaunt their style”, and we think he’s right on spot with that!

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