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11 Sep

FPW’17 Exclusive Preview: Deepak Perwani to sparkle the runway with ‘Gold Dust’

deepak perwani

A fashion week regular and Chairperson of the Fashion Pakistan Council, Deepak Perwani is one name we always anticipate at fashion week. His showcases are always awe-inspiring, whether he’s showing in New York City, at the Bulgarian Fashion Awards or the runways of Fashion Pakistan Week; the designer’s mastery is well-known to all. Perwani is popular for leaving both international and local spectators spellbound with his creations, and we’re sure this time it’s going to be no different.

The House of Deepak Perwani is famed and celebrated for not just embracing present trends, but for being on the forefront of keeping traditions alive as well as establishing their own trends and statements.

With Fashion Pakistan Week setting its stage, we are excited to see Deepak Perwani raise the bar again with his trendsetting treasures. Looking back at the designer’s successful expeditions on the runway from the ISHQ  Bridal Collection, to La Vie en Rose in 2015 and the Spring Collection 2014, spectators saw the infinite array of colours and the everlasting radiance of gold in Deepak’s ensembles.

Deepak Perwani over the years at FPW: (L-R) ISHQ 2016 – The La Vie en Rose 2015 – Spring Collection 2014.

As a leading fashion brand, Deepak Perwani is loyal to local traditions and keeps them alive in his contemporary designs. With each modern silhouette, he has left a lingering trail of cultural and traditional melding.

This time Deepak Perwani is set to unveil Gold Dust; an incandescent reminiscence of an era bygone coalesced with a modern classic charm. The designer revealed to us that his bridal ensembles from the collection incarnate blazing golds, pearly whites, toeing rich hints of French reds and burgundy; laid out intricately over tissue, net-work, myesori and gold mesh fabrics.

deepak perwani

A sneak-peek from Deepak Perwani’s ‘Gold Dust’ for FPW.

Gold Dust promises us contemporary bridal wear, with a touch of something classic and gold. Everything formal and bridal in Pakistan naturally embraces the resplendent traditions and Deepak Perwani has always gracefully combined both. We are excited to see the brand continue its legacy of grandeur on the runway on day two of FPW.


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