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24 Oct

FPWF19 Day One: A ‘hot’ & happening beginning to fashion week

It’s arguably the most fashionable season on the calendar, with the PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Week ’19 having wrapped up in Lahore a month ago and now Fashion Pakistan Week kicking off its Winter Festive showcase on Wednesday night. With around 20 designers on the line up at the 3 day event, there’s plenty to view and review, and that’s exactly what we’re up to.

Walking in at the Beach Luxury Hotel in the evening, one would have expected the weather to be pleasant; however, as Karachi’s weather would have it, the humidity seemed to be sucking the life out of fashion’s elite. Many were seen waving their invites in a desperate bid for some fresh air, at a time when not a single leaf seemed to be moving on the surrounding trees. Alas, nothing stops the business of fashion, and so we dove into the show head first with Alkaram Studio.


‘La Vie En Rose’ by Alkaram Studio


Showcasing their ode to everything pink and luxe, La Vie En Rose was a flurry of tulle, organza, ruffles, and lots of pinks, of course. From blush to fuchsia, the collection had every shade of pink imaginable – for men and women – and somehow didn’t seem to go overboard with it, probably owing to the fact that the collection had a lot of variation in terms of styling and silhouettes. We saw poofy gowns in shades of blush go down the runway followed by sharp cuts in darker shades, and more traditional silhouettes with crimson accents.


‘Gul-e-Anar’ by Boheme


Boheme by Kanwal followed up next with their collection titled Gul-e-Anaar, inspired by the Sindhi style of gajj embroidery. A collection nestled safely in deep rooted tradition, there weren’t many innovations in terms of silhouettes, however that’s not to say that it wasn’t a striking collection in its essence. A simple show with it’s strength lying in the handiwork on the clothes, it was easy on the eyes with its deep color palette that exuded cultural nuances.


‘Lost in my French Garden’ by Gogi by Hassan Riaz


The next showcase was a sharp turn from the earlier one, with Gogi by Hassan Riaz showing his striking collection titled Lost in My French Garden. Inspired by the charm of French gardens, of course, the collection was a vibrant mix of color palettes and styles, with sharp silhouettes and soft falls at some points. The play with materials and embroidery was a welcome sight on the runway; a perspex coat with striking embellishment was definitely a stand out moment for the collection. It could have benefitted from a little editing though; at times one felt there was too much happening at the same time.


‘Tirana’ by Yasmin Zaman


Next up was Yasmin Zaman‘s Tirana, which was a rich blend of Albanian silhouettes and our own traditional color palette. Deep jewel tones as well as earthy colors, the collection was bursting at the seams with warmth and luxe. The incorporation of Haya Lutfullah‘s gorgeous battered jewelry lifted the collection immensely, almost overpowering the visual aesthetic at some points.


‘Mahnoor’ by Ayesha Farooq


Ayesha Farooq closed Day One with her collection Mahnoor. With a color palette that started with greys – from silvery greys to metallic charcoals – the pop of mustard and its transition to a gorgeous sunset yellow at the finale boasted of a well thought out show flow. It almost felt like a poetic end to the first day of shows, with a setting sun sashaying down the runway. Lots of traditional forms of embroidery and tassels on contemporary silhouettes, the collection seemed to take flight at instances with its kaftans and capes.

We can’t wait to see what Day Two turns out to be like…


  • All photographs credited to Faisal Farooqui at Dragonfly Pakistan


Yumna Aftab
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