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4 Oct

Frieha Altaf to speak at international platform, ‘Planners Xtraordinaire’ 

frieha altaf

If there’s anyone who’s a pro at multi-tasking it has to be Frieha Altaf. From a modeling career to event management and now an established PR guru, there isn’t much that the superstar hasn’t tried! Frieha has directed a number of fashion and award shows, launched renown brands in Pakistan and managed to take her company to the next level.

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Another addition to her list of accolades has been her recent participation as a speaker for the grand ‘Planners Xtraordinaire’, an exclusive platform for international luxury planners. The event is currently taking place in Dubai and will be attended by high-profile planners from 30 different countries. The aim of the show lies in building connections and exclusive networking with experts from around the world sharing their experience and knowledge.


frieha altafIt is a proud moment to have a Pakistani representative speaking at this grand international platform, and it gives Frieha Altaf more to celebrate! The event is set to take place tonight, so stay tuned for more updates.




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