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12 Jun

Frozen 2 trailer: Encapsulating a mysterious journey into the unknown

The highest grossing animated movie of all time, Frozen has released the trailer for its second edition, Frozen 2. The trailer shows Anna & Elsa leaving their home Arendelle as they set out on a mission to get answers to the question: Why was Elsa born with magical powers? There is a mysterious plot depicted in the trailer much like the teaser which was released earlier.

Elsa is seen venturing off with Anna, Olaf, Sven and Kristoff  as they take on a dangerous journey to understand the origin of Elsa’s powers, “We have always feared that Elsa’s powers were too much for this world,” Ciarán Hinds’ troll character Grand Pabbie says, “Now, we must hope they are enough.”

There are different elements in the trailer which instill confusion, leaving the viewers wanting more. There is magical fog, blurring the vision of the characters and Elsa makes use of her superpowers to form a portal that provides a clear path to pass through. There is also a mysterious ghostly horse seen when Elsa falls into the water, which disappears in an instant. A lot of new creatures, including a few giants await Anna and Elsa on this journey, Olaf and Kristoff will probably also be joining them for a ride.

The film hits theaters on 22nd November. We’re excited for the movie, are you? Do check out this trailer:



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