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6 Apr

Generation will bring Basant back for PSFW’17!

Any true Lahori knows the joy that the season of basant brings. The burst of colours, sheer joy and activity is something all of us desperately need in these trying times. But of course, basant also happens to be one of the many little joys that have been taken away from us. Hence comes Generation’s silent protest to ‘Bring Basant Back.’

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a Basant themed collection? Orange pink hues, shalwars and an overload of kite themed digital prints, perhaps? Thankfully, we are talking about a brand that takes the unconventional, intellectual and quirky route to design. Generation’s upcoming collection for PSFW ’17 is innovative and features deconstructed silhouettes and design elements that go beyond anything an average mind could come up with. The brand ups the ante on what we saw and loved in the last collection.

Generation has recently upped their game tremendously, bringing about one avant-garde collection after another. From their A dot that went for a walk, which wowed us from the moment we saw those contemporary clothes unravel on the ramp at FPW ’16, to their recent Ming which brought an array of fun prints, Generation has been at the top of our radar. This year’s collection is inspired by the shape, construction and patchwork of locally made patangs, exploring shapes, structures and also taking influence from ‘pojagi,’ an ancient Korean patchwork technique.

We, at Something Haute, got an exclusive preview of this much anticipated collection and loved it! Here is the breakdown of what to expect in stores very soon…

Uran Patola

Androgyny is a fast catching trend, and you will definitely see androgyny here at its finest. With an abundant use of sheer fabrics, like voile and organza, to create structured and elongated menswear inspired cuts, the ensembles are complete with buckles, cufflinks and buttons. The collection also features various patchwork jackets and uppers in various lengths and cuts; they can be worn with eastern or western in classic Generation style.

Genneration S/S'17

What to expect: Sheer fabrics, contemporary cuts and ‘pojag’ patchwork

Better yet, the outfits have multiple elements that can not only be regenerated and worn differently multiple times, but can also be worn inside out. If that isn’t perfect for every fashionista who hates repeating outfits, we don’t know what is!

Guddi Kaat

It’s difficult to forget how beautifully A dot that went for a walk brought back the classic shalwar, with a gorgeous twist, and we are told to expect similar waves from the lowers in this collection.

The strip of organza trend seen on pants recently has nearly been done-to-death, but Generation will be playing with sheer fabrics to construct unconventional shapes and experiment with layering. Along with reconstructed shalwars, there is even a sarong-shalwar fusion that we can’t wait to see!

Generation S/S'17

Generation’s twist on the traditional duppata


Though the traditional dupatta is close to extinction, we do believe most eastern attires are incomplete without it. However, we are told not to expect the traditional version, but rather an innovative twist on the word ‘patta’, that depicts the entanglement of a kite’s ‘dorr’ around the body. Sashes, pojagi and patchwork scarves are what you should have in mind for this collection.

The collection is set to hit stores in June and we advise you to save up and have your running shoes ready to get your hands on some unconventionally gorgeous pieces. We know we are!


Mariam Tahir

The author is Assistant Editor at Something Haute, plus a fashion student who loves reading, traveling, eating and sleeping but manages to find time in between to write.