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9 May

Ghalati: 5 reasons why men like Saad deserve no sympathy


Ghalati initially felt like it was going to be another drama with typical household issues. The evil mother-in-law, the conniving sisters-in-law, the gullible husband who doesn’t think twice before uttering ‘talaaq‘ to his wife, and a wife who endures it all because she has ‘good’ upbringing and will endure any and every suffrage in the name of LOVE.

However, the drama is now raising an interesting debate on the matter of triple talaaq with the wife being pressured into staying with the husband even after he has divorced her thrice. And this when the story very clearly shows Saad (the husband played by Affan Waheed) as a weak human with loose morals. There is no expectation of sympathy for him since even his own family understands the problems with his actions.

We’re worried though because with several more episodes to go, Zaira (Hira Mani), might reconsider going back to Saad for one reason or the other. We won’t go into why she should’ve left Saad after the first divorce, but here’s why we’re praying she stays firm on her decision.


1) Untrusting




We see that upon seeing his wife TALKING to another man, Saad immediately jumps to the conclusion that she is probably having an affair with him. Some might say that there is more to the story and that his sister put the idea in his head but is that really all it takes to convince a grown man? A man that doesn’t trust his wife or isn’t even willing to hear her side of the story has no business coming back into her life.


2) Physically abusive




Someone who feels it is his God-given right to go around hurting his wife, and casually slapping his sister on numerous occasions shouldn’t be allowed to roam the streets freely. Taking his anger out on the women around him shows how low he’ll fall rather than accept his own problems.


3) Casual divorce




It’s difficult to believe that there are people who justify how men casually throw around the word divorce. Saad, on numerous occasions, believed that he wanted to leave his wife, Zaira,  and shouted talaaq at her. How can Zaira ever justify going back to him especially now that they’re officially divorced, even if Saad is lying about it? It’s true that, like in the show, society pressurizes women into going back to the man even after all this, but we’d love to see Zaira stand her ground. Had she taken a stand before, perhaps her father would’ve still been alive.


4) Compulsive liar 




Not only has he officially divorced her, but is now lying about it to other people so Zaira comes back to him. Does he not see the fault in his plan? Trying to prove that his wife is hiding the truth to get away from him, surely cannot earn him any brownie points with the wife!


5) Refuses to take responsibility for his actions




This is something that is accepted throughout the show by all the characters. Sohail, (the only voice of reason and Saad’s brother), tries to explain to Saad very explicitly that he needs to stop blaming other people for his actions and we hoped that Saad would understand but later we see him slap his sister, blaming her for his problems, AGAIN.

This man has no redeeming quality and the reason he still feels entitled to the world is that his mother, the main antagonist, is constantly babying him. Such men do not belong in society, especially with women like Zaira, whose parents supported her throughout in whatever decision she took. We hope the show doesn’t take a downward turn now that it’s finally risen to an interesting topic.


Eman Lakhany