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17 May

Gohar Rasheed responds to Gal Gadot’s pro-Israel comments

Over the weekend, Israeli forces carried out what the New York Times called “the single deadliest airstrike yet on Gaza” in the past seven days of bombings. While what’s happening to Palestine is a clear case of oppression, however Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot called it a war.

She announced that her country was at war and hoped that leaders could find a solution. She added that “Israel deserves to live as a free and safe nation, and our neighbours deserve the same.” Her ignorance created an uproar on social media.



In response to her ignorance, Pakistani actor Gohar Rasheed decided to shed some light on the matter.

“Your country is not at war, it has created a war,” Gohar wrote to enlighten her.  “No patriotism is bigger than innocent people’s lives and humanity and if you can’t be mindful of that being an Israeli then it’s very evident that where the problem lies, ” he further explained hoping that the Israeli actor would realise this soon.



Over the last month, Israel has forced its worst violence in years on Palestine. However, mainstream media has continuously worked to conceal Israel’s ongoing genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestine by saying it’s a two-sided conflict.



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