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2 Oct

Google honors late Waheed Murad on his 81st birthday

Earlier today, tech giant Google paid homage to Pakistan’s favorite romantic hero, the late Waheed Murad, on the occasion of his 81st birthday.

Logging into our laptops and opening up our browsers this morning, we were immediately greeted with a beautiful doodle thanks to Google, in honor of Murad’s brand of romance. Featuring a lovely render of Murad with his signature hairstyle, the doodle has him superimposed alongside a film reel and a woman’s portrait, all surrounded by hearts, making for a perfect tribute to the original chocolate hero of South Asian cinema.



Working as a film actor, producer and script writer through the course of his illustrious career, Murad has influenced the film industry in the subcontinent by a mile, effectively popularizing the romantic hero troupe. Born in Punjab, he studied at the SM Arts College, then went on to get a masters degree in English Literature from the University of Karachi, and was married to Salma Maker.

Local Twitter appreciated the gesture and couldn’t stop gushing about the sweet doodle, naturally.



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