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12 Jul

Gul-o-Gulzar leaves us itching for the next episode with a cliffhanger

The dramatic serial Gul-o-Gulzar remains our guilty pleasure, and one show that we eagerly wait for during the week. At first glance, it may not seem appealing but it’s a welcome respite from the overly overdone ‘period pieces’ that are being churned out like nobody’s business.

Moving onto its fifth episode, the drama serial is one that is well paced, as we’ve said time and again, and doesn’t feel too rushed or dragged. With true-to-character performances by the cast and good direction, it is a surprise to see it being an underrated show.

The fifth episode saw Gul evolving into her scheming best, playing Gulzar along to the extent of blatant betrayal. We’re still not sure if she actually did what we think she did, but the chances are high and it won’t be too much of a surprise! Saboor’s acting as Gul is really making us be wary of people around us and that’s a disturbing thought, however, an ode to her talent.



The episode was gripping and ended on a stark cliffhanger, however it did have some loopholes. Gulzar’s brother finds out the earrings that Adil gifted to Gulzar were not actually gold but just gold plated, yet Adil’s own jeweler tells Gul that they’re real gold; so who’s lying? Or is the jeweler in on whatever scheme that Adil has up his sleeve? We’re pretty confused and would like some clarification or if this detail is deliberately left this way to serve a future purpose. Guess we will have to wait and see.

Omer Shahzad’s Adil is a brooding devil, and his camaraderie with Gul is almost palpable, with Gul enticing him in her trap with her tricks. It’s interesting to see how she is manipulating him as well as Gulzar, all the while he seems to be plotting his own game in his head. With almost everything out in the open, there’s still mystery attached to their characters and their motives and that’s part of the intrigue around the otherwise generic drama serial.



The trio of Kinza Hashmi, Saboor Aly and Omer Shahzad seem to be working really well, however we’ve yet to see Kinza and Omer in the same frame after that first encounter. Do you think they will ever cross paths again, especially after the new development in the story?

Watch Gul-o-Gulzar on ARY Digital every Thursday at 8 pm.


Yumna Aftab