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18 Jan

Haider Mustehsan’s ‘Kahani’ is a mix-plate of eastern and western music

Haider Mustehsan

Pakistani pop music was booming until a few years ago when OSTs of TV serials and film songs took over. However, it appears pop music and pop stars are making a comeback with new as well as veteran music artists releasing singles and albums. One such artist is Momina Mustehsan’s brother, Haider Mustehsan who has released his new song in partnership with Patari.

The song titled Kahani is a modern-day love song and seems to be heavily inspired by American pop music. Kahani — which has a catchy tune — is a song that you might want to listen to a few times. The mix of eastern and western music is certainly, the first for Pakistani contemporary music so, kudos to the singer for that.

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Haider, who has collaborated with Shamoon Ismail and Mooroo for a track Na Toon, has vocals which hold an uncanny similarity with Zayn Malik as well as Justin Beiber. Many have liked the song and we think it is a good attempt at something that is not native to the taste of masses and might take time to grow on them.

The lyrics which seem disjointed could have added more meaning if they were not solely written to rhyme. Haider, without a doubt, has a promising voice (people have even called him a better singer than his sister) but his Urdu accent is probably something he can work on (or perhaps stick to English only?)

Overall, the song — which was released with a lyrical video — is engaging, has a groovy beat and brings to the spotlight a singer who is likely to become our desi version of Zayn x Justin.

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Ayesha Ghaffar

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