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9 Jul

Hamza Ali Abbasi defends Iqra-Yasir’s public proposal

Hamza Ali Abbasi

Following Yasir Hussain’s surprise proposal to Iqra Aziz at the Lux Style Awards 2019, social media is abuzz with all sorts of criticism over the couple’s public display of affection. Hamza Ali Abbasi came to the rescue and defended Iqra Aziz on Twitter, schooling the trolls that there isn’t anything wrong with a ‘halal’ marriage proposal.

“In an era when ppl prefer haraam over halal, how can U find faults in a man asking a woman for nikkah? Bcz he hugged her or kissed her on the cheek? STOP IT![sic]” Hamza tweeted.




Even Hamza’s tweet went viral but for all the wrong reasons as people started questioning him over his stance on item numbers. Twitter users told him that he, along with Iqra and Yasir, are misleading the younger generations to adapt a lifestyle which isn’t a part of Pakistani culture.

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Hamza had to explain his point and tweeted, “Allah does not like you to pick out names and individuals and bash them on their personal faults. Look away from them and celebrate the good that they do. That’s what Allah loves. Aagay aapki marzi [the rest is up to you].”



Hamza even clarified that he has never criticized any actress based on her choice of performances or work.



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