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21 Aug

Hamza Ali Abbasi is getting married!

Wohoo! Heartthrob Hamza Ali Abbasi is getting married to Anaa actress Naimal Khawar!

Surprised? Yeah we’d expect you to be. If a certain wedding card that’s doing the rounds on the internet is to be believed, Hamza — who has just recently returned from Hajj — and Naimal are getting married on August 25th (in just three days from now!!) and will have their valima on August 26th.



We have been able to verify independently that the two are indeed getting married; the wedding card that’s been leaked goes on to confirm the news. Naimal is these days seen on TV as Izza in the highly popular drama serial Anaa while Hamza of course is all set to make a comeback as a TV actor with Alif.

Hamza and Naimal have been spotted together at various occasions before, most notably when Hamza showed up at Naimal’s art exhibition just recently. Here are a few pictures from then:




You have to admit, they do look pretty great together! We wish them all the best and will try to get you pictures from the grand event, so stay tuned!


hassan choudary
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