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24 Sep

Hamza Ali Abbasi wants to open a flying school

The ‘Parwaaz Hai Junoon’ enthusiasm may have simmered down but our craze for Hamza Ali Abbasi still hasn’t. What may come as a surprise to most, is that Hamza’s junoon for flying is definitely in parwaaz. So much so that he wants to open a flying school in Pakistan in the near future – the timing of that is still up in the air. Now that is surely one school everyone would love to attend.

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Yes, Hamza’s first love is to soar high above in the sky and fly planes. He has always loved planes and the idea of being a fighter pilot, well before the conception of PHJ came into existence. During a chat in NYC while promoting PHJ, his eyes lit up when he talked about the film but even more so when he talked about his love for planes.

“I was thrilled when this film came my way in which I got to live my fantasy – what could be better than that!” revealed the jubilant Hamza. Fighter planes have always attracted the PHJ star and he is well-versed in the types and makes of most of them with Pakistan’s flagship fighter plane F16 being one of his favorites.

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He elaborated on his vision of opening the first flying school in Pakistan, one that would cater to kids, and adults both and all genders regardless of anyone’s socio-economic status. He shared that a kid’s dream should not be held back due to lack of finances and as he proceeds with his plan, he will have a clearer idea of how that strategy will come into play.

We wish Hamza all the luck in this endeavor!

Eemaan Samdani

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