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8 Feb

Hania Aamir turns singer with OST of her upcoming drama Anaa

Hania Aamir

Last month music composer Sahir Ali Bagga surprised us when he posted a picture on Instagram announcing a musical collaboration with actress Hania Aamir. This comes as a surprise as we had never heard that Hania has singing aspirations. Nevertheless, an actor singing a soundtrack for a film or a drama is not something novel. But there are only a few who have attempted the feat and aced it. With Hania, we are not so sure.

Hania has lent her voice to the soundtrack of her upcoming drama serial Anaa soon to be aired on Hum TV. Pyar Hai Tum Se Magar is a duet with Sahir Ali Bagga with lyrics written by Imran Raza. So far from what we have seen in the teasers of the drama, Hania seems to be playing a lively girl with it being a family drama with a rom-com feel. The song itself talks about love and the tensions that come along with it. The romantic ballad suits the feel of the drama but the vocal combination isn’t working.



As far as Hania’s singing prowess is concerned, it’s not impressive. Her part seems to be overly synthesized so much so that it sounds like coming from afar with a reverberation. Having said that, Sahir’s part is soulful but the two voices don’t complement each other.

It was a relief to hear that the composition wasn’t a remake of any classic as judging by last year’s Coke Studio debacle, we know that audience in Pakistan doesn’t respond kindly to bad remakes.

This is not the first time Sahir has introduced an actress as a singer. Sajal Aly also sang her first song – OST of O Rangreza – with him and it blew us away. Hania has proved her métier in acting with blockbusters like Parwaaz Hai Junoon and we would love to see her perform more on her ground.

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