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19 Sep

Hareem Farooq’s ‘Parchi’ packs a punch in its teaser!


After the fair success of the actress’ big-budget musical drama, Janaan in 2016, actress and producer Hareem Farooq is all set to do an action-comedy film titled Parchi. Directed under the banner of IRK Films, that is co-owned by Imran Kazmi and Hareem Farooq herself, Parchi is going to be the team’s second offering to the Pakistani screens.

Although we did catch a few glimpses of the unofficial teasers that were shown earlier, we couldn’t judge if the film was going to be a promising one. But with the first official teaser of Parchi out, we can now comment that the film seems to pack quite a punch. Literally.

The teaser opens with Hareem Farooq clad in an intimidating gangster attire, seething as she throws a punch at a tied up man. The rest of the teaser is a flurry of people running haphazardly, gangsters laughing in a comic-malicious mien and the curious case of a crumpled ‘Parchi’ that is wrapped around a bullet that says “50 lakhh, 4 din”. From what we got to see, we are not disappointed. The movie seems to be a blend of comic moments with tinges of romance here and there.

You can watch the teaser below:


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