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23 Apr

Haroon releases solo music video ‘Dhundoonga’ after 10 years


Singer and composer Haroon, who was formerly one of the lead singers in pop music band Awaz, has released a single — Dhundoonga –  after a 10-year long break.

The musician, who is also the creator of renowned animated show Burka Avenger, took to Twitter and announced the news:

“Super excited to share my first solo music video in 10 years, Dhundoonga. The Facebook upload got 300k views in a few hours; now sharing the YouTube link. Enjoy. Do read the interesting history behind the song on the YouTube notes,” he wrote.




Dhundoonga will take all the 90s kids down the memory lane; the song is a light-hearted and peppy composition which has a fun element to it. The music will instantly make you tap your feet. The animated video features Haroon as a guy who is searching for his soulmate literally everywhere and each time his journey discontinues due to an obstacle. He is train surfing in a desert, driving a convertible in a city, skate-boarding amid lush trees, riding a snowmobile, flying a propeller plane, climbing mountains, river rafting, finally landing on an island where he finds ‘the one’.



According to the description on its YouTube, he made this fun music video a few years ago but never got a chance to release it. But now as everyone is stuck at home and are in need of entertainment, he decided to put it out there anyway.

“The music video is one of its kind for Pakistan. It was shot with me live on green screen and all the environment and props were painstakingly synced using computer graphics and animation. The idea was to give it a retro animation feel. I composed the melody for this song many years ago and Sabir Zafar wrote the lyrics,” Haroon said.



“The original recording was done at Kashan Admani’s Dreamstation studios in Karachi years back and had a pop rock feel. Then I reworked it in my own studio at Unicorn Black with Jonathan Jones to give it a more pop vibe. The video was directed and animated by talented Uzair Zaheer Khan. The artwork and environment art was done by the brilliant artist Yousuf Ejaz Ahmed. The shoot was done at Keychain studios. Thank you so much to everyone involved,” he added.

You can watch the song here:



Syeda Zehra

The author is Assistant Editor at Something Haute. A journalist by profession, the writer has a penchant for films, fashion and music.