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23 Jun

Haute List: 5 beauty products to try in 2019

Every year, new and better inventions in the world of makeup and skincare emerge. 2019 has been yet another year of experimentation and trying out quirky products which ultimately lead to your skin looking fab in no time! Here are the makeup and beauty products everyone has been raving about this year.

The Flesh Beauty Flipbook



This product helps fit in all your makeup essentials into one flip book. Each flip book contains a 100 sheets; the shade range is said to cater to almost all complexions. The sheets include blush, bronzer and highlighter. A perfect solution for an on-the-go touch up without any hassle.


I Heart Revolution Multi Liners – Eye and Lip Pencils (2 in 1)


This is a retractable style pen which features four distinctive eyeliner shades which double as a lip liner too. A win-win situation right there! The products are extremely handy and have created waves in the beauty industry when they were released because of the fun packaging and great pigment payoff.


Shiseido Ultimune Amplifying Night Mask



This brand has become popular worldwide; as per estimates one bottle of this brand and the Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate is sold every 13 seconds. This night mask is to be used alongside its serum.The formula is a unique freeze-dried one, once mixed with the serum it glides onto your skin by turning into a gel-like mask which leaves your skin glowing.


Glamglow Plumprageous Gloss Lip Treatment




Lip glosses are back, and we’re sure you’ve seen everyone already beginning to rock the trend because it is such a simple one to pull off. Give your lips that extra oomph by opting for the Plumprageous Gloss by Glamglow.


The Ordinary Skincare Products


This brand has an array of products for each skin type. Each one tackles a different skincare issue. In recent times, majority of the people became more and more aware of this product which contains active ingredients. The Ordinary aims to offer clinical skincare at affordable prices. Details of each product as well as the issues the product will help combat are clearly mentioned to the consumer on their website.


Sara Zaman