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31 Jan

Haute List: 5 natural skincare products to use now


Healthy skin from within – not the mere look of it – is one of the biggest beauty trends for 2020. It’s no surprise, then, that ‘organic skincare’ and ‘natural skincare’ are the buzzwords everyone especially ours mother are talking about. The world’s most popular brands have delved into using plant-derived ingredients in their products. Guess what? Many of them are no different to those age-old natural beauty remedies your nani swore by.

If you’re on the hunt for some no-fuss products to spruce up your skincare routine, search no further – we’ve picked 5 essentials just for you.


1. Organic Rose Water Spray





Facial mists are all the rage. You’ll find hydrating spray of some sort in almost every celebrity’s beauty routine. The key ingredient in most of them is none other than rose water. It’s been the traditional secret to healthy skin for centuries because it truly works on every skin type. We love this one for being organic and free from artificial fragrance or preservatives. Use it as a toner day and night or spritz it during the day to refresh dull and dehydrated skin. Buy it here.


2. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil




It’s no secret that plant-derived oils make for great skincare ingredients. Choosing from countless concoctions with fancy labels and 100 different ingredients is a real ordeal. And so, we’ve done the brainwork for you – organic virgin coconut oil is the hot, new skincare ingredient on the block. Don’t let the no-frill packaging deceive you though – organic virgin coconut oil is one of the best moisturizers and anti-aging products out there. Use this magical multipurpose product as a night time face oil, cuticle softener, lip treatment or even a hair care agent. Buy it here.


3. Tea Tree Face Scrub




You may have used some face scrub or the other which didn’t work for you. The key ingredients in your skincare may just be the defining factor for you. Tea tree oil is known to be a lifesaver for combination to oily skin. If that’s your skin concern, this Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub by The Body Shop is just what you need. What’s more, its key ingredient, tea tree oil, is sourced from Kenya, home to the world’s best tea. You know you’re getting your money’s worth with this holy grail product. Click here to buy.


4. Natural Lip Balm




When we think skincare, we often think face. The lips need some TLC, too. We love the Happy Lips Lip Balm from Aura Crafts – and with good reason. Handmade in Pakistan with lip loving ingredients in eco-friendly packaging, this Ice Cream variant comes in three delicious flavours you’ll want to apply non-stop! Ditch petroleum jelly and shop this beauty must-have here.


5. Charcoal Soap




You’re probably reading this because you care about your skin. The clogged pore is, perhaps, one of the biggest banes of your existence. If there’s one powerhouse ingredient that even celebrities rave about, it’s charcoal. What was once mere fire fuel has now taken the beauty industry by storm. There’s charcoal everywhere, from nose strips to facial cleansers to face masks. We’ve fetched you a charcoal soap that many rave about for its deep cleansing properties. Use charcoal soap in place of a daily facial cleanser for squeaky clean skin. Buy it here.



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