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16 Jun

Haute List: 7 foreign TV shows to binge-watch on Netflix


After the popularity and mass acceptance of foreign TV shows in Pakistan like Spanish series La Casa De Papel (aka Money Heist) or Elite as well as the recent love for Turkish series DiriliÅŸ: ErtuÄŸrul, it is quite evident that Pakistanis are on the hunt for good content, irrespective of the language or origin. We also saw that a South Korean film — Parasite — won Academy Awards, breaking language barriers and paving a way for non-English language entertainment in the world.

Streaming platforms like Netflix are ensuring with their global expansion that language won’t be an issue for subscribers as they have dubbed several shows in English or subtitled them. Whether you’re craving for a dark mystery drama or a lighthearted teen series, you can find a TV show of your liking from a diverse array of options available on Netflix which will also introduce you to different nations and cultures.

Here are 7 of our foreign favourites that have really pushed the boundaries:


1. Unorthodox (Germany)




Language: Yiddish, German, English (Subtitles)

Premiered: March 2020

Episodes: 4

This inspiring German-American drama documents a young woman from a strict Hasidic Jewish community who flees to Germany to find her place in the world.



2. Ragnarok (Norway)




Language: German (Dubbed)

Premiered: January 2020

Episodes: 6

Those of you who enjoyed Marvel’s Thor, might wonder if there is a connection with Ragnarok. This teen series documents a teenage boy’s discovery of his supernatural powers. A modern interpretation of Norse mythology, Ragnarok combines an intriguing plot with gorgeous scenic imagery. You will get hooked by the end of the first episode.


3. Kingdom (South Korea)




Language: Korean (Dubbed)

Premiered: January 2019

Episodes: 12

Set after the Japanese invasions of the 1590s, this thriller details a mysterious plague that turns the dead into bloodthirsty killers. Gory zombie scenes combined with political turmoil in the royal dynasty makes this show more complex than Daybreak or The Walking Dead.



4. Osmosis (France)




Language: French (Dubbed)

Premiered: March 2019

Episodes: 8

When Black Mirror meets Ex-Machina, the result is this sci-fi drama. The official description states an app promises to help people find their soulmates by probing into their brain and using data in the form of memories, thoughts and desires, but it’s not as perfect as it seems.

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5. Control Z (Mexico)




Language: Spanish (Dubbed)

Premiered: May 2020

Episodes: 8

With quick 20-minute episodes, this addicting Mexican teen drama revolves around an anonymous hacker who publicly humiliates and exposes the secrets of multiple high school students. Doesn’t it remind you of Gossip Girl?


6. Dark (Germany)




Language: German (Dubbed)

Premiered: December 2017

Episodes: 18

Resembling an adult version of Stranger Things, Dark is a supernatural thriller that explores complex discoveries following the suspicious disappearance of two children. Oh, what makes it more exciting is that time travel is involved!


7. Itaewon Class (South Korea)




Language: Korean (Subtitles)

Premiered: January 2020

Episodes: 16

It is an emotional underdog story. This South Korean drama details the life of an ex-convict who opens his own bar to compete with the corrupt man who was responsible for his prison sentence.


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