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23 Feb

Haute Patrol: Lux Style Awards 2018

Amid much hype and some hush controversies the Lux Style Awards happened in Lahore some days back. We’ve got to say that for a show that attracts such anticipation, we were left rather disappointed with the lifeless red carpet. We wouldn’t say that most of our famous people were not trying, but one does expect a certain level of fashion quotient when it comes to walking on the biggest red carpet of the year.

Alas, only a few brought their A game to this one, the rest we suppose only came for the free food or reasons unknown…

Hadiqa Kiyani

We don’t know what to say…

Ali Xeeshan

red carpet

This dude once came with a chicken on his head. Is this is an upgrade?

Hira Shah

red carpet

All behold, queen of the underworld, here to enslave all you mortals. Stare into her eyes and you turn into random jackets she wears without any reason.

Saheefa Jabbar

red carpet

Okay, so all applause for making a statement, but let’s dress up now.

Ayesha Omar

red carpet

This only deserves a slow clap and an eye roll. There go all the fabulous style statements she made at New York Fashion Week!

Sajal Aly

red carpet

Firstly, excellent work with the hair and makeup but why on earth are you attending LSA as the ‘Bari Bahu…’

Urwa Hocane

red carpet


Overheard in the front row: “Urwa is dressed like a ice-skater from the 80s”


red carpet

The Queen will hold court now, bow down.

Juggan Kazim

red carpet

Mahira Khan wore this look last year, otherwise we could have totally been on board with it.

Amna Ilyas

red carpet

The top half is interesting but the sheer skirt looks kind of drab. Plus, algae is not a good shade to pick an outfit in.

Amna Babar

red carpet

We’re pretty sure our readers would be divided on this but it’s a risk that for us totally paid off, you win.

Anum Malik

red carpet

10 points for effort, zero for good tailoring

Ahad Raza Mir

red carpet

A little effort would be nice.

Mahira Khan

red carpet

To be honest, this red carpet ethnic look is kind of a letdown. Why would you show up in such an underwhelming outfit when all eyes are bound to be on you? Thank God you changed to outfit number 2 for the show.


Haider Maqsood

The author is our Haute Lahore Correspondent, who's a part time writer with a full time passion to stay candid and loud!