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10 Oct

Haute Patrol: A chocolate affair at the Magnum party

Our beloved Hauteliers, Lahore finally got to host a night to celebrate chocolate (yes, that is a thing that Karachi’ites have been enjoying for a while) and all the (skinny) people that would probably run a mile away from the slightest whiff of the delicious goodness came out to attend it. Being the good sports that we are, we went with our Man-Spanx tightened and our heads held high into the fantasy land of pure indulgence.

Meesha Shafi performed as a galactic goddess welcoming everyone into her lair – that crazy skirt show was truly a spectacle to look at – and her performance was followed up by a fashion segment that made us feel like it belonged on a real runway, bravo to them all! However, that’s not why we’ve called you all here today; it seemed most of the attendees equated ‘chocolate show’ to a ‘let’s go basic’ day. Boys and girls, grab yourself a seat and join us in the conference room because we’ve got tons of judgment to pass before the closing today. Roll up you’re your sleeves and let’s get to it.


Alyzeh Gabol

At least somebody decided to show up as a model should. Don’t be surprised at how much we love this.


Ushna Shah

We feel like your body is screaming for air in this but we’ll ignore it as that seems like the intention but this entire look is just trying way too hard. Maybe next weekend, kay!


Anaum Hammad

We like the jacket, we do, but it’s just not the day for it. The look would have been just so much nicer without it.


Eman Suleman

The return of Hilary Clinton and her pantsuit.


Shaan Shahid

Because when you are Shaan Shahid, you get to show up to a black tie affair as a hot professor. The look comes with its very own coffee stain (or is it chocolate?) and chunky belt.


Ali Sethi

Meh, we’re starting to question your choices.


Zara Peerzada

The hair and makeup are as close to perfect as they’ve ever been; the color of that dress, however, is making you look anemic. Shoes are wrong too.


Danyal Zafar

I see he’s still playing Ali Zafar, cute.

Momina Sibtain

Lord knows we’re not fans of black but God, how this look pops with just the right shoes. Another clutch option, maybe?

Hira Ali

What a beautiful dress and we’re pretty sure this is one of the best looks from the night. Ladies, take note of Junior Miss.


Maryam Mehmood

What a cute dress for just the wrong place. Wear it to brunch, it’ll get applause.


Laila Ali

Yup, that’s a real human being.

Haider Maqsood

The author is our Haute Lahore Correspondent, who's a part time writer with a full time passion to stay candid and loud!