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13 Dec

Haute Patrol: It’s not personal; what you wear in public is, well public!


Our beloved Hauteliers, with the cold winds blowing our way keeping things chilly, we’re happy that a certain disgruntled starlet and a couple of other lady stars kept us quite warm with their rants all throughout the week. As much as we applaud their devotion to our cause, all these fashion wars have left us feeling rather inspired, so we’ll just have to line the rest of ’em up for a quick and dirty judgment session. God forbid we fall behind our duty to provide a healthy dose of judgment; the whole fraternity could go into chaos!

Now simmer down and cross your legs, the court is in session:


Aimal Khan




The jacket looks a bit snug but he’s serving up some serious boy magic one hundred percent. We love it!


Saba Qamar




Considering she was one of the biggest stars at the event and not to mention her drama is all the rage these days, we really wish she’d tried harder and owned the moment.


Urwa Hocane




We do accept that we come down hard on Urwa but she always looks fabulous when she isn’t trying hard and when she gets it right, oh boy does she look good. Thank you for listening to us, we accept gifts!


Zhalay Sarhadi




Whoever told you to wear this goth inspired clown costume is not your friend. Now go home and get some rest, you have some thinking to do.


Ayesha Toor




We cannot “whatever” this look hard enough. Were there no mirrors?






God bless Nabila for making beige look chic.


Erum Khan




Support our troops by wearing track pants and a horse wig.


Ali Rehman




This look would work on an Independence Day’s morning show transmission but dude, that’s not your hair. It can’t be!


Nausheen Shah




Fuss free chic although the hair could have been better.


Hussain Rehar




We would have liked a white turtle-neck to really make this look pop, however that’s a gorgeous coat that we’d stand in line for.

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Haider Maqsood

The author is our Haute Lahore Correspondent, who's a part time writer with a full time passion to stay candid and loud!