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17 Mar

Haute Picks: 5 shows and movies to binge watch on Netflix right now!

While we’re all quarantined in our homes for prevention against the Coronavirus, Netflix is here to keep you busy with something to watch for everyone. It’s not easy deciding what to watch at all times. So, if you’re struggling to find something to binge on, here are the top 5 shows and movies trending on Netflix in Pakistan right now!

1. Elite




The story revolves around three working-class teens who are given scholarships to an exclusive private school after their public school collapsed. The clash between them and the wealthy students leads to murder. With three seasons, Elite is surely going to keep you entertained for sometime!


2. Guilty





The movie follows the story of a girl whose boyfriend is accused of rape by a less popular girl in their university. The girl then sets out to find different versions of the story in order to reach the truth. This one sends a very important message about the several directions taken by the #MeToo movement.


3. Love is blind 




The most entertaining reality tv show you can watch right now! Singles try to find a match and fall in love — without ever seeing each other face-to-face, as emotional connection attempts to conquer physical attraction. We follow the couples who fall in love and decide to get married within a span of four weeks!



4. Spenser Confidential 




The action-comedy packed movie follows a disgraced former Boston police officer, Spenser. He is released from a five-year prison sentence for intervening in a domestic dispute and assaulting his captain John Boylan. On the day of his release, two police officers are murdered. To find the guilty parties, he joins forces with his straight-forward roommate.


5. Money Heist 




The world-famous Spanish show had fans drooling over its encapsulating story-line every season! The show is about a criminal mastermind who concocts an extremely elaborate plan to pull off the biggest heist in history. He recruits eight people to help him carry out this plan. We then see them getting tangled in the web of their actions over the next three seasons. Fans are catching up before the new season drops soon, you should too!



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