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13 Feb

Haute picks at Fashion Parade Bride

With Pakistani bridal couture already making waves on bridal fashion, the recently held Fashion Parade Bride at One Marylebone elevated 10 designers into further stardom as they showed amidst roaring applause by the crème de la crème present at the venue.

Mustang Productions, which is a brainchild of Sadia Siddiqui, hosted the renowned affair known to the public as Fashion Parade Bride & Luxury Prêt, powered by Studio by TCS in London on the 6th of February at the iconic venue, where the night full of glitz and glamour, showcased collections by Nilofer Shahid, Nomi Ansari, Tena Durrani, Shamaeel Ansari, Maria B, Faiza Samee, Saira Rizwan, Rani Emaan, Seher Tareen, and Sherzad Rahimtoola.

Although all the designers had their moment in the spotlight, Something Haute picks out the top 5, who stole the show with their Haute moments.

Tena Durrani

Tena Durrani gold dress

A name that is no stranger to the world of fashion after stepping into the industry with only the knowledge of architecture and interior design, Tena Durrani swiftly made her place into the hearts of the fashionistas and Fashion Parade Bride was no different. Showcasing a collection inspired by the shades of metals and gold, Durrani stuck to her signature and created a collection infused with satiating geometry.

Shamaeel Ansari

Only a few designers get to such immense levels of success that their names turn synonymous with luxury. Shamaeel Ansari is one of them. Showcasing yet another collection at the event, the couturier focused on her signature floral embellishments intricately infused with metallic hand embroideries, all while indulging in the shimmer of gold. Can one ever get enough luxury? Ansari surely doesn’t think so.

Saira Rizwan 

Showcasing the ethos of Pakistani couture but in her own essence was Saira Rizwan. Using the structural approach to her collection, the designer’s use of intricate yet linear embellishments created a completely different collection than the rest at Fashion Parade Bride, and that itself is worthy of applause. From her varying colour palette to a mix of silhouettes, Rizwan managed to remain unique.

Studio S by Seher Tareen

A vision in black and gold, nothing stood out more than the cape that heard its fair share of applause when Seher Tareen’s collection showcased. Inspired by the heavy gold embellishments seen in traditional Pakistani trousseaus, the collection managed to become one basking in luxury. Black and bridals may seem all wrong, but with Tareen’s focus on creating unique couture, it was nothing but right.

Nomi Ansari  

Nomi Ansari pink dress shaadi

Last, but never the least, Nomi Ansari served opulence with his signature splash of colour. The epitome of Pakistan’s rich heritage in colour, Ansari’s showcase was the perfect addition to the luxe event. So much so that the BBC invited the top couturier of Pakistan for a quick interview!

“I go blind when someone asks me to work with browns, beiges or nudes. God has made us so colourful, so why to stick to beiges or browns only,” the designer said in his interview. Although one couldn’t help but agree with the ‘king of colour’, the collection at FPB was all that social media ended up talking about, and thankfully, for all the right reasons. Colour, couture, and charisma? Nomi’s gotten all the checks there.


Shahjehan Saleem

The author is Contributing Editor at Something Haute as well as a professor in the Media Sciences department at SZABIST, Karachi. Socio-cultural theories and geography fill up the rest of his time.