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13 Mar

Haute Review: Get a taste of Mexico at Adobo Mexican Grill

For those of you searching for authentic Mexican fast food, Adobo Mexican Grill is the new hotspot in town. Located in the heart of DHA, Karachi, Adobo has become our go-to place to satisfy cravings for tacos and guac.


Ambiance & Menu


Staying true to its cuisine, Adobo’s interior was matched appropriately to give a Mexican vibe. Following a multi-coloured mural painting, with some cacti and cactus-shaped furniture.




The menu offered a wide range of Mexican food options ranging from burrito bowls, tacos, and simple burritos. We had the option of customizing each of this starting from the choice of meat (chicken, beefsteak or ground beef), and then moving to other choices including the dips, cheeses, salsa flavors and rice etc. The menu also had quesadillas available as a main course. The sides had a nice list of choices including their homemade chips matched with different dips including queso and guac. They have just recently introduced two other sides to the menu which include loaded nachos and loaded fries.


What we had


1. The Burrito Bowl 


The first item we knew we had to try was the burrito bowl. We chose to add brown rice with beans and beefsteak. For the toppings, we added their signature queso dip, hot chipotle salsa, sour cream, sweet corn and everything topped with a generous layer of lettuce.



This definitely was one of our favourite options on the menu. The taste of the entire mixture did not nullify each ingredient’s individual taste. While we would’ve preferred their hottest salsa to have more of a kick, the beefsteak meat was the star. Overall, the bowl was something we will definitely come back for.  We gave it 4/5.


2. Tacos


The first good thing we liked about the tacos was that among the three that came with every order, we could customize between soft and hard shell. We chose a combination of one soft and two hard shell tacos. For the fillings, we chose chicken as the meat with guac, queso, sour cream, shredded cheese, mild salsa and lettuce.



The best thing about the tacos was their shell, homemade and thin enough to not be overpowering and strong enough to not break off instantly. The fillings were similar so for people who want to have authentic tacos, we’d definitely recommend it. It scored 4/5.


3. The Burrito


The burrito was exactly that, just a burrito. This one was a giant wrap that could definitely be eaten for the next few meals. We filled it with brown rice, beef, beans, sour cream, queso, lettuce and medium salsa.




While the fillings tasted good, we were on the fence about them being in the form of a burrito. Though it was not one of our favourite things on the menu, we’d recommend trying it with your own customization! We gave it 3/5.


4. Loaded Nachos




The chips for the homemade nachos were better than what we expected and incredibly light. We tried ground beef with these and it did not disappoint. One thing that we believe lacked in the nachos was cheese. We’re used to nachos with a generous serving of cheese either on the side or over them which we did not get here. Aside from that, the dish had everything needed for a great nacho serving. Scored 2.5/5!


5. The Sauce




One thing that deserved its own place in the list was the SAUCE. The star ingredient that added a kick to every dish was their homemade habanero hot sauce. Unlike every other hot sauce, this one was carefully created to not burn the mouth with an after taste and gradually vanished. This made us come back for more after every bite!


Final Thoughts 


Adobo was a nice change in taste and we would recommend everyone to pay a visit and decide for themselves.

Overall rating: 4/5


Eman Lakhany