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5 Apr

Haute Review: Meherposh episode one sets a positive tone

Abdullah Kadwani

Meherposh debuted this Friday and for a first episode, ticked a lot of right boxes.

The drama features real life couple, Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor, and they undoubtedly make a very handsome pair. Ayeza plays the role of Mehru, a young girl with a government job that pays 40,000 a month and she wants to continue even after marriage. Danish plays the cordial and helpful Shahjahan, a young and apparently jobless boy who spends his days helping Mehru’s parents with odd jobs around the house. In the first episode he’s shown bringing them a gas cylinder for the kitchen and also getting sweet yogurt for lunch. While Shahjahan appears to be in awe of Mehru, it’s Mehru’s younger sister who has a crush on him.


Shahjahan, played by Danish Taimoor, is always on standby to help Master Sahab, Mehru’s father.


While this equation runs the risk of going down the typical route, it’s Mehru’s parents that are surprisingly refreshing. Played by veterans Rehan Sheikh and Sania Saeed, Mehru’s parents are shown to have a wonderful, affectionate and mutually respectful equation and that’s something we rarely see on TV. Credit goes to the writer but also the two brilliant actors who just own every character they portray. The mother runs a home catering business while the father, seemingly retired, is a stay at home dad who spoils his daughters and reads books all day.


Brilliant actors Sania Saeed and Rehan Sheikh own every character they play.


The first episode made a pleasant and progressive impression but one fears what will happen up ahead, especially with Mehru’s wedding to the fickle and unreasonable Naeem (Ali Abbas) who in the next episode will break off the marriage on their wedding night because of some gossip that his aunt has mongered. The hot headed and malicious aunt, played quite well by Iffat Omar, is an interesting albeit over the top character who is downright nasty. As for Mehru’s wedding to Naeem, one would say good riddance to such an awful man but from teasers we fear that the story will plummet to that of a woman struggling with the social stigma of divorce. One would hope to see the progressive tone maintained so let’s see.


Written by Misbah Nosheen and directed by Mazhar Moin, Meherposh is a 7th Sky Entertainment production and runs on GEO every Friday.




Aamna Haider Isani

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