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14 Apr

Haute Review: ‘Mulaqat’ is a melodious short film about love in the digital age


In today’s era of fast-paced life when everything is experienced in the digital realm, do the classic and epic love stories have a chance to thrive? Mulaqat is melodious short film about just that, featuring Pakistan’s #TikTok super star Umer Butt and Miss Veet 2018 winner, Hira Khan.

This new age love story is told with a soulful track by Nabeel Shaukat Ali and Sana Zulfiqar, complemented with a dramatized narration of the events but it is far from a fairy tale romance. The lyrics depict the reality of relationship with all kinds of emotions like excitement, nervousness, jealousy and pain of heart break, which is going to keep the viewers engaged. Mulaqat visually narrates that we tend to forget the world and ourselves when we are immersed in love but when the heart breaks, it shatters our soul.




Composed by the talented duo of Soch The Band, Adnan Dhol and Rabbi Ahmad, this musical is shot in Lahore and takes us through the painful journey of unrequited love which despite changing times is still heart breaking in nature.





The short film has been directed by Fahad Nur and produced by Dot Republic Media – one of the biggest YouTube MCNs (Multi-Channel Network). Dot Republic Media in collaboration with CreatorsOne Shorts use their digital platform to work on out of the box ideas in both long and short formats and Mulaqat is one such first of its kind musical short film. You can watch the video here:



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