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20 Nov

Haute Seat: In conversation with Magnolia’s CEO Raheel Zuberi


Magnolia is a Pakistani shoe brand well-known for making high-end modern footwear for women. The brand’s designs have become quite a sensation in fashion aficionados and celebrities. To get an insight into the vision of the brand, we had an exclusive chat with Magnolia’s CEO Raheel Zuberi, who answered frequently asked questions about the brand and the partnership between Haute Stop and Magnolia.


Your Journey


Why you decided to make shoes? Take us through your brand’s journey.

Our story began in September 2017 with ‘The New Shoe’ – an aim to bring a modern, sophisticated and cutting-edge brand that offers shoes made from genuine Italian leather. Magnolia’s philosophy is one that aims to provide a platform of empowerment and expression for the women of Pakistan by ensuring that they have confidence in every step they take.


The X-Factor




What is so unique about Magnolia and its shoes?

Magnolia is a movement that is built on hymns of tradition but remains creative and evolving by championing progression and open-mindedness. We believe our originality stems from our ability to draw from creative elements from the East and West alike, giving our shoes the flexibility in how they are styled and where they are worn. We especially pride ourselves with the comfort that comes with our leather as it adapts to its owners’ fit and truly makes it their shoe.


Magnolia’s Haute Product




One haute magnolia shoe that’s a show stopper?

Magnolia’s show stopper shoe is the wooden heel that we have developed as it allowed us to expand in the market through a variety of platforms and make heels of varying sizes and shapes. In particular, we have received a lot of love on the heels from our Fall 2020 collection that includes a range of neutral heels that are evergreen. The beauty of it is that every customer has styled these shoes in their own way – a quality we really appreciate.


Future Plans



Where do you see Magnolia in the upcoming years? What are your future plans for the expansion of Magnolia Design House in 2021?

Looking forward, we’re looking at stocking in more stores in all major cities of Pakistan so that our customers have the opportunity to physically go, try on and walk in the shoes before they make their purchase. In tandem, we look forward to expanding our products and experimenting with different styles. We have recently delved into the world of active shoe wear and are very excited about the prospects that it could bring.


Magnolia X Haute Stop




Few words on the extraordinary partnership that Haute stop and Magnolia enjoy?

The Haute shop X Magnolia collaboration has always been incredibly exciting for us as it is a relationship built on mutual trust and respect between the brands. We love the work that Haute Stop does and are always honored to be working with them.


The Haute Team

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