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2 Dec

Haute Trends: Gym looks from the stars!


The healthy lifestyle is becoming the fastest catching trend, with healthy food, innovative workout techniques and Fitbit obsessions gaining speed. Of course the ‘fashionable’ side of healthy living can’t be left unnoticed either! A day at the gym without posting a picture in your ‘gym look’ is incomplete, and following some of our social media stars is of course our favourite pass time.


Kareena Kapoor



Of course Bebo is the star pioneer when it comes to giving importance to the ‘gym look’, so it’s only right to start by paying ode to her! Plain black tee and yoga pants, plus that nonchalant pout of perfection!

Fawad Khan and Mikaal Zulfikar



These bulked up boys opt for simple t-shirts, with the perfect fit to show off those biceps of course!

Sadaf Kanwal



A loose black shirt and comfortable yoga tracks, the practical choice by Sadaf Kanwal!

Feroze Khan



If you don’t photograph that six pack, is there really any point in having one? Feroze Khan means business, as you can tell with his gym gloves!

Ayesha Omar



Definitely our favourite, who said comfortable fashion can’t look hot? Those funky yoga pants are perfect if you plan to drop by Evergreen for a healthy bite after your workout.

Danyal and Ali Zafar



Brothers who gym together stay together! It’s shorts and a shirt for Ali, while Danyal opts for a hoodie and Adidas tracks.

Mehwish Hayat



Tank-top, tights, a ponytail that means business and a pop of pink for this fit star.

Bilal Ashraf



When your biceps look that intense, why ever wear a shirt with sleeves? Adidas seems to be a hot favourite for many of our stars.

Mawra Hocane



Comfortable sweatpants and a tshirt for Mawra, and the earphones are a must of course!


Mariam Tahir

The author is Assistant Editor at Something Haute, plus a fashion student who loves reading, traveling, eating and sleeping but manages to find time in between to write.

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